Which Of The Following Statements Best Represents The Pattern Of Higher Education For Blacks?

Similarly, Which of the following is one of the strengths among African American families?

Hill recognized five African American family strengths: A strong desire to succeed Family responsibilities that are adaptable Dedicated to the job Kinship ties that are strong Religious convictions are strong (Hill, 1999). With their children, they instill respect for others, self-respect, and racial pride (Woody, Woody, 2003).

Also, it is asked, What is one major reason that blacks as opposed to other ethnic groups were enslaved?

What is one of the main reasons why black people were enslaved rather than other ethnic groups? What made them frightened? -selected because their physical and cultural characteristics were more pronounced than those of other groups. -used religion as a role; enslaving blacks was “allowed” since they were non-believers.

Secondly, What was the name of the group that aimed to equip African Americans with teaching diplomas and useful skills in agriculture domestic or mechanical work?

Booker T. Washington established Tuskegee Institute in 1881 with a license from the Alabama government to educate teachers in the state. Tuskegee’s curriculum offered both academic and vocational instruction to pupils.

Also, Was a labor organizer who crusaded to organize migrant farmworkers?

Cesar Chavez is a popular figure in the Latino community. ____ was a Mexican-American activist who fought for the rights of migrant agricultural laborers. Cesar Chavez found it difficult to organize migrant agricultural laborers because .

People also ask, What are the strengths of African Americans?

According to The Strength of Black Families (Hill, 1972;1997), the Black family is the primary source of: 1) a strong work ethic 2) A strong religious belief system 3) A strong sense of belonging to one’s family 4) A strong desire to succeed 5) Family roles’ adaptability.

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What is the culture of African American families?

Black Americans have historically placed a great priority on personal relationships, marriage, and children. However, institutional and structural impediments often prohibit people from realizing their ideals, especially for those with low incomes[4],[5],[6].

What was the impact of segregated schools on African American students quizlet?

What effect did segregation have on African-American students? Most African American kids were unable to prepare for college or employment due to a lack of resources in their schools. President Dwight D. Eisenhower sent federal forces to safeguard students.

Which of the following were the most common elements of the African American cultures within the North American colonies?

Which of the following were the most prevalent African-American cultural features in the North American colonies? Being enslaved is a horrible experience. The longing for independence. Determine how the Great Awakening affected life in the colonies.

Who believed that African Americans should seek a liberal arts education?

Du Bois is perhaps most known for coining the phrasegifted tenth.” He thought that full citizenship and equal rights for African Americans could only be achieved via the efforts of an intellectual elite, which is why he advocated for a wide liberal arts education at the university level.

How did Booker T. Washington impact education?

The foundation and growth of the Tuskegee Institute for African American education was Booker T. Washington’s most conspicuous contribution. It acted as a test bed for Washington’s educational concept.

How did conditions for African Americans in the North differ from their circumstances in the South?

On a social level, African Americans migrating north from the South suffered comparable prejudice, although the law was significantly more on their side. The North was not subject to the same Jim Crow laws that suffocated black people in the South, and lynchings were not as widespread.

What strategies did both Cesar Chavez and the Ufwoc use to achieve their goals How did they successfully apply these tactics?

What tactics did Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers of America (UFWOC) use to attain their objectives? How did they use these strategies to their advantage? By forming a union. Chavez and his organizers requested that California’s leading fruit and vegetable firms recognise their union as their farm workers’ negotiating representative.

What races make up African American?

African Americans are mostly of West/Central African heritage with some European ancestry; however, some have Native American and other ancestors. African immigrants do not self-identify as African Americans, according to statistics from the United States Census Bureau.

How do black families engage?

Ask questions and seek assistance. It’s critical that you include black parents in activities and programs that benefit all children, such as site council, PTA, and other organizations. Inquire of parents about what meaningful engagement would entail for them.

Why is family important to African American culture?

Family responsibilities in African-American households are very fluid, allowing for flexibility and change (Boyd-Franklin, 2013). Within these familial and kinship networks, children are raised to be obedient and respectful to their elders (Forehand & Kotchick, 1996; Garcia Coll et al., 1995).

What are black culture values?

Previous study on African-Americans born in the United States has shown that they favor collectivistic values such as familial closeness, community connection, and solidarity, but they also value individualistic values, especially “horizontal” qualities such as autonomy.

What are African American cultural practices?

Protestantism, Catholicism, and Islam are among the faiths practiced by African Americans. Religion, religious literature, religious programming, and prayer are all significant components of existence.

What was the impact of segregated schools on African American students?

Schools serving pupils of color have always gotten much less financing than schools serving white students, resulting in overcrowding, insufficient resources, and underpaid instructors. As a consequence of these inequities, Black and white communities have different educational possibilities.

How Does segregation of public schools go against the 14th Amendment?

The United States Supreme Court unanimously declared in Board of Education that racial segregation in public schools violated the Constitution’s Fourteenth Amendment. Separate educational facilities for white and African-American pupils were found fundamentally unequal in the 1954 ruling.

How were the lives of free African Americans similar to those of enslaved African Americans in the 1700s?

What were the similarities and differences between the lives of free and enslaved African Americans in the 1700s? Neither group was permitted to marry legally. Both groups were free to live anywhere they pleased. With whites, neither group enjoyed full equality.

How was the practice of traditional African slavery different quizlet?

Africa’s population dropped, plants from Europe thrived in the Americas, and riches poured into the European economy. What was the difference between traditional African slavery and slavery practiced after European contact? Enslaved persons were often ransomed and returned to their communities.

Which of the following statements accurately describes the impact of the religious revivals known as the Great Awakening?

Which of the following statements truly characterizes the influence of the Great Awakening religious revivals? In many respects, they, like the Enlightenment, impacted the factors that led to the revolt against Britain.

What did black people popularize?

Many current fashion trends, like as streetwear, Logomania, sneakerheads and hypebeasts, camouflage pants, and more, have a long history and were popularized by Black influencers and hip-hop musicians.

How West African culture influenced Americans?

The common cultural practices of the many West African ethnic groups carried to the United States by the Middle Passage had a significant effect on the culture of enslaved African Americans, as shown by slave folklore, music, religion, ceremonies, and language.

What reform organization insisted that blacks should seek a liberal arts education so that the African American community would have well educated leaders?

The Niagara Movement was created by Du Bois. Believed that blacks should pursue a liberal arts degree in order to provide well-educated leaders to the African-American community.

Do you think that black and white students today have equal educational opportunities?

Black kids attend economically segregated schools, as seen in Figure B. Compared to more than seven out of ten black children, less than one-third of white pupils (31.3%) attend a high-poverty school (72.4 percent ). . Race The majority of the people are Caucasian and live in a low-poverty environment. Pupils with a high level of poverty and a majority of students of race Black 1 additional row at 3.1 percent 60.0 percent

What were the differences between Washington’s and DuBois arguments about education for African Americans?

Industrial Education for the Negro,” written by George Washington, championed trades and practical skills as the greatest path ahead for African Americans. In his article “The Talented Tenth,” W.E.B. Dubois advocated that a liberally educated Black elite should lead the way to development.

What was Booker T. Washington view on education?

He thought that education was much more than vocational training, and he was a passionate supporter of equal rights. Tuskegee University exists now as a result of the leadership that Booker T. Washington provided to the university.

What was Booker T. Washington’s educational philosophy?

He observed that the majority of white Southerners opposed black education because they assumed that educated blacks would not be able to work as manual workers. As a result, his method of hard work, discipline, and self-help was a means to educate black people without alienating white people.


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The “the study that outlined a tangle of pathology with the black family at its core was the” is the best statement that represents the pattern of higher education for blacks.

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