How A Cat In A Hat Changed Childrens Education?

Similarly, Which choice best describes a central difference between how Beveridge and Bryan view the concept of liberty as it is realized in the United States?

Option B is the best option. As a result, the difference in the speakers’ perspectives on liberty in the United States is that Beveridge deems it so exemplary that it justifies the conquest of other places, while Bryan cautions that imperial expansion would degrade its exemplary qualities.

Also, it is asked, Do the data in Figure 1 support or weaken the argument of the author of the passage and why?

As a result, the author’s claim is supported by the statistics in figure 1, which indicate that lowering road capacity may result in a net drop in traffic.

Secondly, Which choice best maintains the sentence pattern already established in the paragraph?

Choice C is the best answer because it follows the sentence pattern set by the two previous sentences, which both begin with noun and passive verb phrases (“A subway system is enlarged,” “A bike-sharing program is implemented“).

Also, Which reaction does Akira most fear from Chie?

Akira is most afraid about Chie’s response. His proposition will be deemed unsuitable by her.

People also ask, What is standard English conventions on SAT?

Standard English Conventions inquiries are about sentence construction, use, and punctuation, among other things. “Conventions” is another term for normal procedures and expectations that we adhere to in many aspects of our life.

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What is the most likely reason that Johnson includes the anecdote in this speech?

Why was the story most likely included in Johnson’s speech? Because of his intimate experience with individuals afflicted by inequity, the narrative emphasizes his credibility and relatability.

Why does Akira say his meeting with Chie is a matter of urgency line 26 a matter of urgency )?

Akira emphasizes the “issue of urgency” in lines 39-42, stating that he has “an chance to travel to America, as dentist for Seattle’s Japanese population.” Chie must respond to Akira’s marriage proposal before Akira can determine whether or not to take the position in Seattle.

Which College Board practice test is the hardest?

It should come as no surprise that we believe Practice Test #3 is the most difficult official SAT practice exam since it has the harshest scale for both portions of the test.

How do you score your SAT?

To determine your overall score, convert the “raw score” for each portion — the number of questions you answered correctly — into the “scaled score” for that section, then multiply by the total score. Punishment for incorrect responses Your raw score is the number of right answers.

Is Khan Academy harder than the SAT?

A: The skill levels vary from those found in the Khan Academy math mastery system. Higher levels of the SAT feature more difficult questions. You will also progress through the stages based on how many questions you successfully answer.

Do SAT get curved?

Is the SAT Curved or Straight? There is no SAT curve, contrary to popular belief. This implies that the performance of other test takers will have no bearing on your SAT score.

Is 1200 a good SAT score?

Is 1200 an acceptable SAT score? The average SAT score is 1059, therefore a score of 1200 is little over normal. It makes you a competitive applicant at a large number of schools, which is the major purpose of an excellent SAT score of 1200.

What are examples of conventions?

A convention is defined as a gathering or assembly of individuals who share a particular interest, or a technique, practice, rule, or tradition. A nationwide assembly of English instructors is an example of convention. A comma placement rule is an example of convention.

What is the hardest section of the SAT?

Many students regard the SAT’s Critical Reading portion to be the most difficult. Others are irritated by time limits. Read on for some advice from Magoosh’s test prep specialists on how to handle the section that’s the most difficult for you. Generic questions usually have extremely general responses.

What are the rules and conventions for written English?

The guidelines The first rule is that you must write in sentences. Rule 2: In a sentence, the subjects and verbs must agree. Rule 3: Correct punctuation is required. Rule 4: You must use appropriate terminology. Rule 5: The apostrophe must be used appropriately and with care.

Which phrase from Martin Luther King Jr SI Have A Dream speech contains the strongest emotional connotations?

Expert Verified Answer “seared in the raging fires of injustice” You can see how the author used the most forceful vocabulary to communicate such intense feelings.

Which rhetorical device is used most effectively in this portion of Martin Luther King Jr S I have a dream speech?


Which of the following is a necessary step for the government to take to protect school choice based on the article?

According to the article, which of the following is a crucial step for the government to do to defend school choice? Families should be able to receive support from the federal government to seek education choices other than the public school system.

How many passages are in the SAT writing?

4 paragraphs

How many passages are in the SAT reading?

5 paragraphs

How can I improve my SAT writing skills?

First, get familiar with the SAT Writing Passage Format. Know what’s being tested on the SAT Writing section. Learning the Most Important Grammar Rules and Ignoring the Others is Strategy #3. Find and drill your grammar flaws using Strategy 4.

Which choice most closely captures the meaning of the figurative sixpence?

Which option best describes the meaning of the metaphorical “sixpence” mentioned in lines 70 and 71? Lines 70 and 71: They gained us the right to our brand-new sixpence in this way.

Which choice provides the best evidence for the answer to the previous question Akira?

Option C is the best option. When Akira contacted Chie and offered to marry her daughter, he “came straight, breaking all custom” (line 1), and he “ask[ed] directly,” without “a go-between” (line 65) or “mediation,” since doing so would have taken too much time.

What is the main purpose of this reading passage?

The author’s goal is to entertain whether a reading passage is interesting to read, recounts a personal experience, or utilizes a tale to teach a lesson. The author’s goal is to explain or enlighten readers when a reading passage delivers information about a certain topic or instructs readers on how to perform something.

What is the easiest SAT?

Myth: The SAT exam in March is the easiest. There is no such thing as “the most convenient SAT test date.” While it is true that certain SAT versions are more difficult than others, it is totally incorrect that some test dates are more difficult than others.

Do SAT questions get progressively harder?

The SAT questions are not ordered in difficulty order (so that easier problems come earlier in the test than the hard ones). It’s more crucial to figure out the questions you find simple or difficult.

Is the actual SAT easier than practice?

2 responses Because each SAT is assessed differently, the actual SAT is neither tougher nor easier than certified CollegeBoard practice exams. The SAT curve describes how severely or leniently each section will be graded in proportion to how everyone else who took the exam performed.

How many times can you take the SAT?

The SAT may be taken as many times as the student desires. We suggest students take it at least twice: once in the spring of their junior year and again in the autumn of their senior year. Most students improve their scores on the second attempt, and most universities use the highest SAT score when making admission choices.

Is 1500 a good SAT score?

A score of 1500 places you in the top 5% of the 1.7 million test participants. A 1500, only 100 points short of a perfect score, qualifies you to apply to practically every college and university in the nation, including top ones, and be competitive for admission.

Is 1340 a good SAT score?

Yes, a 1340 is an excellent score. It puts you in the top 91 percentile of the 1.7 million people who took the SAT admission exam nationwide.

Is PSAT math hard?

The PSAT is significantly simpler on average, but students often perceive it to be more difficult since they haven’t prepared as well as they have for the SAT. There are a few arithmetic abilities that appear on both the SAT and the PSAT, but the curriculum is almost identical.


In the book “The Cat in the Hat”, Dr. Seuss uses a cat to teach children about how animals live and work. The book has been around since 1957, but it was not until recently that we started to see its effects on education.

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In the story “How A Cat In A Hat Changed Childrens Education?” by Dr. Seuss, a cat in a hat is used to calculate how much time it takes for a train to go from one city to another. Reference: as used in line 85, “calculate” most nearly means.

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